RIO Competition Cartridges

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Throughout the years Rio has shown its compromise with target shooters in the various clay target disciplines.

Our experience, combined with using the latest and most advanced technology, help us develop new products. The addition of new shooting disciplines together with the evolution of some of the traditional ones is why Rio has revamped and increased thee range of products.

Using the most advanced technologies gives us the ability to offer our customers the most reliable, dense pattern, less felt recoil cartridges. This balance helps shooters achieve their objectives and recognition at ranges around the world by using Rio.

    Gauge Load Wad Shot Size Speed
Target Load 12 21g PL/FW 7.5 1,378 fps
  12 24g PL 7.5, 9 1,345 fps
  12 24g FW 7.5 1,345 fps
  12 28g PL/FW 7.5, 8, 9 1,310 fps
Star Team   12 24g PL 7.5 1,345 fps
    12 28g PL 7.5, 8 1,310 fps
    12 28g FW 7.5 1,310 fps
12 24g PL 7.5 1,345 fps
    12 28g FW 7.5 1,310 fps
Top Target C20      24g PL 7.5 1,345 fps
     20 24g FW 7 1,345 fps
Top Target C28   28 15g PL 6 1,310 fps


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